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A little about this photo blog

Hi, I am Paweł Jurgielewicz and I come from Poland.

If you are still there (did not close this page) – it is good for me… And for you even more since I am going to do my best to deliver exquisite Photo-Science-Technology related content on this blog.

What does it mean? What does it mean for You?

Taking pictures is not only about pushing the button (or touching virtual button on your smartphone’s screen). If you want your picture to tell some kind of story, make people stop for a moment looking at it or you simply want to make a nice portrait (including so popular these days selfies). You have to stop yourself for a moment and think to catch this moment.

Here I will be sharing my own efforts telling you how I managed to achieve presented effects to inspire you (and also myself) for further development. Your pictures will not be ideal from the very beginning. Even more – after many years of shooting you will be taking mostly ‘correct’ pictures, but your best pictures will be improving from shoot to shoot. This is what really matters.

Stop -> Think -> Shoot -> Improve

Did I say something about smartphones, technology and science? Every year we, as a mankind, are reaching higher and higher. Did you know how much effort and how many scientists had to devote their scientific lives to make possible to manufacture so popular smartphones from which photos are flooding the Internet?

This blog will be also about the technology and science behind this overwhelming revolution. From the principles of light transport, through solid state physics (including quantum effects), to design of micro controllers and even biology of the human vision.

Art. Science. Technology.

If you like the idea of this blog do not hesitate to drop me a line. I will be very happy about your feedback. You can also share the link to this blog among your friends. That would be very helpful!

And one more thing. If you visit this link you will find more information about me and more in-depth clarification fort this blog.