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Barcelona unofficially

The whole life is about finding balance between things that are their total opposites oftentimes. If it comes to travelling you have two main and extreme options. Either you go on a coach trip and have rendez vous around many very different places, flooded by tons of information by the guide with very limited time at the spot (because drivers driving time is limited by the law). Or you pick all-inclusive stay and luxuriate your drink with a palm by the hotel’s swimming pool entirely not caring about the fact that there is an extraordinary botanic garden just 15 minutes away with the metro.

Everyone has their own expectations. When I was preparing for Barcelona I knew that I want to see what this city has to offer. By the offer I mean both landmarks and overall city’s climate. The first was covered in my previous post from Barcelona and today I will concentrate on showing you my impression of this city.

Barcelona: the capital city of Catalonia

Echoes of the separtistic referendum are still visible in the city. Here and there you will see leaflets and slogans calling their people to stand for independence of Catalonia and for the rights of their people. Many houses have flags hanged out showing their support for one of the side of the conflict (or both). However, you will not see this walking main streets sightseeing the most famous landmarks.

Fortunately, at the time I was there the dust fell down. All people were very helpful and cheerful even if the language might be an obstacle.

Barcelona: the city of inspiration

When you come to this city, you easily recognise its spirit. There is something in these big cities with a reach history that can not be expressed verbally. You will like the flora, architecture and colors.

Barcelona: Hello my friend!

If you had 20 Michael Kors bags or 40 official L. Messi’s football jerseys what would you do? Would you keep them in your house or try to sell? Of course you would take all your precious stuff and lay them out on the blanket in the most busy tourist area! Together with many wannabe big cheese salesmen like you you, make the deal of your life. You compete not only with really official stores but also between each other. Always on the edge, trying to deceive police.

There are signs that threaten to fine people caught buying from blanket sellers but my observation was that this prohibition is dead. All in all, it is much better that these salesmen are calmly waiting for their clients than do something less glorious.

Barcelona: discover

Spain along with Portugal made substantial efforts to push the borders of the known world further. The so-called discovery of the America is treated by historians as the beginning of the new era. Although Christopher Columbus was Italian, he was paid by Spain for his expeditions.

Narrow historic streets of this city are hiding many bakeries, cafes, boutiques, antique shops and many more. However, my attention caught especially shops with bulk minerals like amethyst, calcite. Some of them were rough, others grinded or being part of the sculpture or even clock face!

Barcelona: sailing to the sunset

Being at the sea and not seeing the sunset is a shame. You can either go up the Montjuic Mountain or make your way to the Barceloneta beach. Be sure to check when the Sun is going to set and be there at least 20 minutes before.

Whether you stay on the sea level or go up high does not really matter. In the first case you will experience beautiful game of lights reflecting on wet surfaces.

While in the latter, as the Sun hides and you will be going down the Montjuic you will easily find place to take Barcelona’s panorama.

Barcelona: feel the magic of Christmas

As it was the middle of the November many shops were changing the content of their shop windows to match ongoing holidays’ theme.

Nevertheless, I did not feel this magic and I probably know why. All because it was quite warm there at that time. From the place that I come from November is very windy, rainy and cold (sometimes snowy) which is totally opposite to the situation in Barcelona.


This was the second and the final part of my report from my journey to Barcelona. With this mini series I wanted to give you textual and more importantly visual impression of that place. Intrigue you, make you dive more and maybe make you consider travelling there. Probably you will see something other than me. Especially if you go there during different season. Then, I will be very happy if you share your (photo)story with me.

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