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Etanol rocket

It’s not a rocket science

The last Friday of September was especially busy this year. Not only did I have a chance to present my Master’s Degree project to the public during III FPGA FAIS Symposium but it also was the day during which the Researchers’ Night was taking a place. You know, the event when science goes out and welcomes people with arms wide open no matter how old you are.

Last year I had the opportunity to make the report from CERN. This time, however, as I am back in Cracow and I could not resist the opportunity to check how my Alma Mater would perform in my camera.

Reasearchers’ Night at the AGH University of Science and Technology and dreams of…

…being a pilot of an aircraft

I did not mention this one-day-conference I attended without any reason. Such meetings are not only good to learn what makes your presentation stand out from the crowd and what forces people to leave/fall asleep. You can also make new friends from whom you may find out that they are building a real flight simulator for fun and will be showing it publicly. I would not have been myself if I had not seized the opportunity of seeing it in action.

Immodestly, I can say that I helped those enthusiasts quite a lot since when the official AGH photographer had come there (some time before me) there had been really nothing to take pictures of because the simulator had crashed (as every single software sooner or later).  Then he had left to another attraction leaving them with nothing.

…driving an ultrafast bolide

I think that all new students hear the same boast from their Deputy Deans that they can be anybody and can develop their passions by being part of something BIG. I know, there is a lot of exaggeration in this statement but… At the AGH UST there are over 100 student reasearch groups. A few of them create projects that are awarded at international competitions. One of them is AGH Racing. That team needs the best solutions not only in the field of mechanics but also electronics, information technology, data analysis and many others. So you can be only a little scientist but your tiny solution may give 1 ms of better time – that really matters. So why don’t you consider joining them?

…staying a child forever

We almost always underrate what we have. Whether it is our health, relationships, bank account balance or whatever you can think about… Sometimes as adults we would do a lot to go back in time, leave all the worries behind and cheerfully play as a child.

…entertaining people

The air all around us consist in 78% of nitrogen. Did you know how many cool things you can perform with it? And yes, the ‘cool’ word fits that context perfectly – you should definitely see it personally.

At the end-of-the-day

The night was too short to see everything. Although, the campus of AGH UST is very compact it is also quite big and the amount of places to visit was enormous. As the year ago it was a great pleasure to see people out of their daily routines coming with their children to see and touch something they will probably never see at home, work or school; to see them smiling looking at themselves in the crooked mirror…

Crooked mirror reflection


I am starting to think that ‘Something is no yes’ for real

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