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I have never asked for this

The story of the one picture

Today I am going to show you that beautiful results can be obtained really by chance. Only thanks to the extreme luck and unpredicted changes of the perspective.

Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam). Half way home from vacation.

It had been a very nice and quite long break from duties. I had been not missing my alarm clock during that time at all. But finally three weeks of vacation were irrevocably gone.

I do not like the process of travelling that much (going from point A to B). It makes me feel tired and the thought of going to the work the following day is not helping either. It is even worse when I have to change means of transport at point C or wait for another train/bus/airplane. This is always a waste of time. Almost.

So we landed at the Schiphol Airport around 7 p.m having 1.5 hour to the next flight. Something was telling me that it might be a very good opportunity to take a picture. The lighting was also very interesting since the Sun was going to hide low behind the airport buildings. But I found out with a strong disappointment that there was nothing really interesting around the place. So I put my camera into the bag right next to the tickets.

I was asked by my travel companion to wait for a few seconds and take a look at the belongings.

Right then I was waiting in the corridor with the walls made of glass. By the wall to the west there were a couple of tables which were already occupied by the travellers. At one moment I realized that I need to check something on my tickets which were in the bag with my camera. Not wanting to make it accidentally fall down on the hard floor I crouched down facing the glass wall to the east.

Situational plan during taking the picture

That moment I realized that this was a chance one in a million.

Tickets were not important any more. The sunset light was fabulously illuminating people sitting by the tables. Their image was reflecting on the wall and summing up with the textured metal wall perpendicular to this facing to the east.

I had to switch my lens to the manual focus since these were not very good conditions for automatic solutions (mixed real and virtual images). A few attempts and I got the image you can see in the heading.

The only price for that picture was hitting with my head the monitor showing departure hours when I rapidly stood up completely forgetting what was above me 😉

“I’ve never asked for this.”

Personally I am in love with that picture. Look how the sunlight is bleeding on the floor making the woman’s shadow even more blurry and interesting. It reminds me cyberpunk atmosphere like in Deus Ex game – probably because of the play of the colors (this picture was not postprocessed at all!). Moreover I would have never taken that picture if I had not had the need to stop and look into my bag. This gives me a lot to think about…

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