Paweł Jurgielewicz Photo

Show off your pictures!

There is no other way to make better pictures than:

  1. Taking them more but still thoughtfully.
  2. Showing them to the world – opening discussion about what went well and what still needs improvements.

So having these principles in my mind vacation was a great opportunity to improve my skills. I took my camera and my beautiful model Beata to the photo shoot between meadow and crops right in the heart of the Polish countryside just before the harvest time.

The weather was almost perfect for the outdoor shooting – mostly cloudy which was great (I will explain this in the other incoming materials). I was equipped with my EOS 650D with 50mm/1.4 lens. No blends and/or diffuser were used (yes, this is another material for the post 😉 ). Beata had a very light makeup, linen shirt, wreath on her flaming straight red hair and picked up flowers to emphasize the main subject of the shoot:

Slavic Beauty

I took more than 800 pictures and I was surprised with their overall quality. Most of them had depth, great colors, composition and sharpness in the right spots. Green, yellow, red and white colors are indeed in the right harmony.

It would be very pity just to archive them on the disk!

Luckily there was an immediate opportunity to show one of these pictures to the audience. Polish lingerie brand Dalia announced the competition named Dalia Travel. Participants had only to show how they spend their vacation. The subject was extremely broad and the contest rules did not indicate what criteria would be used to pick the winners.

We sent the image that you can see in the header of this post and waited for the results.

This picture won! 🙂

Our picture was chosen as one of the two winning pictures for ‘showing that crops and warm light are the charm of the Polish summer’! We are very happy about that because we put an effort into this set and we hope that you also like these pictures 🙂

NOTE: Dalia Lingerie is not the sponsor of this post. The only benefits come from the awards won in the competition.