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Here you will find the proper explanation for:

  • Why did this blog come to life?
  • How did I get really into ‘pushing the button’?
  • Why physicist like me will (probably) never be a scientist?

And many more.

It will be some kind of FAQ being extended over time when more questions will come.

Stay tuned!

I am Paweł Jurgielewicz and I come from Poland. I am still studying Technical Physics at University of Science and Technology in Cracow.

Well… Some time ago I heard that ‘If you are physicist they can make you any kind of engineer you want but if you are taught to be an engineer in a specific field conversion is very difficult’ – this sounded for me very reasonable. I also did not want to go for the degree in a computer science since its many fields (like databases, microcontrollers) were beyond my interest. However, the life revised these choices and now in my professional job I have to deal with websites, databases and my master thesis is going to treat about FPGAs. Yes, you have to be flexible these days.

I am going to use the knowledge I acquired during studies to fill scientific and technology corner of this blog. I will try to make it understandable for everybody but it can be difficult at the beginning. That is why your feedback will be inestimable! 🙂

When I was a bit younger my father had a simple analog camera but it felt very impractical using it – just because there was no way to check how these pictures look like before going to the professional photo studio. Moreover, at some point the mechanism of film movement broke and there was no point in fixing it. Then I had the opportunity to use Fujifilm ultrazoom digital camera for a couple of years but I felt that I need something more since it was able to take decent photos only in very specific conditions. So now I possess second-hand Canon EOS 650D and I can choose the lens that I need.

Yes, in my opinion there is no use in paying full price for the tools (or anything) that you do not know whether you will be happy about them. Especially if you are the beginner. I treat my 650D as a playground and I am still discovering new features of it. You can invest in top notch DSLR with premium lenses in shining boxes but if they stay most of the time on your shelf it is pointless. So do not feel ashamed if on your vacation you will see tourists with cameras that are much more technologically advanced than yours – it is a psychological war between people ‘Do you see? I am rich, I can afford for this camera and this most expensive piece of glass’. The price they pay is mostly for additional features that they are probably never using at all! I want to get familiar with my current camera and get the most out of it. If one day I will hit the wall I will start thinking about moving to the higher level.

The problem with digital photography is that in most cases people are taking pictures and archive them on the disk (a lot of them). Maybe they will look at them in the future, maybe not. Even if they will, they start at some point to dig their memory for the answer ‘What was that?’. I would like to avoid this in my case.

I want this blog to be the documentation of my development in taking pictures and stories behind them. That will be also great opportunity to revise my scientific knowledge and improve my writing skills.

Maybe you are right but first look from my point of view:

  • I am constantly stressing that I am still the beginner, nobody has never taught me about photography. For now I treat this as my hobby with a potential to scale up.
  • When I show my pictures ‘offline’ to people I know they are telling me that they are not that bad supporting for further development. That is what I am doing right now.
  • Look around you. See how most of the pictures on the Internet look like. I call it ‘toaster quality images’. They might be liked by many just because they have many people in their network not because of that their quality is good.

Everybody has their start and nobody is excellent from the very beginning. Mastery comes with practice and time – keep that in your mind.

First of all – thank you for your appreciation it means a lot for me. Answering the question:

I am open to any kind of cooperation. Just drop me a line and we will see what we can do.

There are lots of possibilities. You can:

This blog has to be neat and clean – it is about beauty of artistic photos and science. I am constantly tweaking its look and readability and for sure ads would not help it.

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You might have seen that there is a lot of artistic content coming to this blog recently – Portfolio, Researchers’ Night at CERN. I am putting a lot effort to do my best. Some of the pictures you can also see on my Instagram account. As I strongly believe that good and visually appealing content is what you want, without Your engagement the information about this blog is not coming to others that might be interested in this as well.

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Thank you!
Paweł Jurgielewicz
Photographer and Programmer